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October 24, 2014

Amiga Schallplatten


My tastes in rock music frequently gravitate towards the former communist bloc. East Germany, Hungary, Poland and the former USSR all produced some good rack music. In the Czech Republic, country music, in both Czech and English, was and is very popular.

Following are some links to on line music from the former East Bloc.

R SA Ostrock from Leipzig This is pretty much straight East German rock music. A lot of stations mix Ostrock with American rock. American rock I have access to already.

Radio Eastside also plays a lot of Ostrock.

Here is a country station from the Czech Republic, known as Country Radio

Here is a Russian rock station.as well as some links to other Russian stations. Rock music has evolved since the fall of communism. Some of this evolution has produced some good music, as well as some garbage.

The former Yugoslavia produced some outstanding  rock music. Here is a Last FM station devoted to that genre.

Here is a Last FM station of Inti Illimani, a Chilean group that laces Andean Indian music with a leftist political message. The station also plays music in that genre.

Sputnik Radio was big in the former East Germany. Although its play list has a lot in English, the station lives on, and can be heard on line.


We will be adding to this list and posting this article as a music link.

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