Shabbat Shalom Dear Readers Parshat Naso 5774

May 30, 2014



    The following is an adaptation of an article that appeared las year on Globe Tribune.Info.

This week, Parshat Naso, Candle Lighting in New York City will be at 8:00PM. Candle lighting, which is 18 minutes before the sunset which marks the beginning of Shabbat differs according the town in which one lives. In Brooklyn, Shabbat will end at 9:08 PM on Saturday night. has a site where one can look up this information, as well as other informative and entertaining articles.

  This week’s has an article by Aaron Moss that asks the question “should the Torah be rated PG?” This is not a new question. The old Magill’s Linear Chumash used to leave certain “sensitive ” sections of the Torah untranslated. Of all the passages studied by kids in Hebrew school, it was hose passages that they zeroed in on and translated.

The Aish web site has an article about a woman who was adopted who needed, for marriage purposes to establish whether she was actually Jewish or not. It also has an article about the Jews of Denmark that was reprinted from the New Republic. The article explores the uncommon success of Denmark in almost completely thwarting the Final Solution in Denmark. The only other countries that had such success were Albania and Finland. Although Bulgaria saved its Jewish population, almost all of the Macedonian Jews were deported during a time that Macedonia was a part of Bulgaria.

The   site has many other interesting articles as well.

A good part of this parsha deals with the sotah, the woman who is suspected of adultery. Numerous lessons are derived from the details of the sotah ritual. One detail with major implications is the part where G-d’s name is written and then dissolved in a mixture which the sotah drinks. If she is innocent, she is blessed with children and ease of birth. If not, she suffers a terrible death. In order for the sotah ritual to be effective, the husband needs to be as blameless as he would like his wife to be.


It is interesting to note that G-d commands through His Torah to erase His name in the course of either vindicating or convicting the suspected adulteress. For the sake of peace between husband and wife, G-d allows his name to be erased. A person can not claim to love G-d and to hate people. The two loves are tied together. The commandments of how to treat and how to regard people are ultimately an expression of our feelings towards G-d. Indeed, the commandments dealing with our attitude towards and our relationship with G-d stand on the tablets opposite each other. This is a fitting lesson to read right after having heard the reading of the Ten Commandments in synagogue.

Another interesting feature of this parsha is the seeming redundancy of the account of the inauguration offerings of each of the twelve tribes, which were listed for each prince separately, even though the offerings for each tribe were identical., in an essay on this subject based upon the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, notes that  the Torah expresses through this seeming redundancy that each tribe had its own unique set of experiences and perspectives behind their offerings. The very same offering could have an inner content and significance that might differ markedly from one tribe to another. This is a valuable lesson in our own lives today of the uniqueness of every individual, no matter how hard that might be to detect. If we look at our daily lives, much in our daily routine is repetitive. We should not give up our attempts to find meaning in our daily routine, whether it is the cycle of prayers and holidays or whether it is in our personal lives.

The Haftarah that is read this week deals with Shimshon (Samson) who from the time of his birth was a Nazir, who neither drank wine nor cut his hair. The parsha itself, of course provides an understanding of the vow of the Nazir by which Samson was bound.

It should be noted that Parshat Naso is usually read after the holiday of Shavuot. This year is one of the years that it is, instead read before Shavuot, which starts this Tuesday evening and ends on Thursday night.


May we soon merit to see the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, and the restoration of all of its offerings.

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