Submoronic Comments On You Tube Holocaust Videos

March 4, 2014



It is very difficult to look at comments on You Tube videos and maintain any optimism about the future of the human race. Lvov was, in 1941 under German occupation. The Lvov pogroms were incited and facilitated by German occupation forces in Lvov, but there was a great deal of participation from Ukrainian nationalists.

Daniel Reynolds is a member of You Tube who has put up 171 videos about a wide variety of subjects. One of the videos he put up, Horrific Images of the 1941 Lviv Pogrom in Ukraine was composed of photos taken of the pogroms in 1941 in Lvov, Ukraine.The video is rightfully rated as unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18, since it depicts women who have been stripped naked and paraded through the streets. It is a disturbing fragment of history that may well have been filmed by participants rather than opponents of the pogrom.

What was particularly troubling was the fact that a significant percentage of the comments came from people who openly applauded and even reveled in the pogroms. Such people do exist. Some go after Jews, and others use their own hatreds to torment other ethnic groups. None of these individuals have been kicked off You Tube. I am reprinting below some of the comments, along with the names of the individuals who made them. I have left the misspellings intact.

A recurring misconception promoted by many commenters is that communism was forced on the Russian Empire by the Jews. In reality, many victims of communism were Jews, and the majority of people who implemented it were not Jewish. There is an old saying, “The Trotskys make revolution and the Bronsteins pay for them.” (Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein.)

Oh, the Jews murdered 10 millions of Ukraininans, then they got a few slaps 20 years later when the National Socialists freed Europe. This is just Jewish distortion of history.
(10 million Ukranians? What have you been smoking?)
Awesome pics!!!!!!
any pics of the women *******  ****, or ****** ** ** *** ***? Just wondering.
I bleeped out Justin’s graphic question.  he is oh so willing to wish suffering on someone else.

Man i would have def tried to (gang) rape a few of them.

Reply to the jewish colaboration in massacres promoted in prisons controled by NKVD against ukraine people.
Jean, you idiot, Jews were killed by the NKVD as well. But don’t let facts confuse you.
Quite fat these jews.
So that’s what it looks like whens Jews are held accountable for their crimes by the ‘dumb goyim’ non-jews? Interesting.. Don’t see that… ever.
Amazing how the Jews pass themselves off as victims.In 1932-33 the Jew Bolsheviks starved to death 7 to 10 million Ukrainians. Men , women , children and priests received no mercy at all from the Jews who moved in took there property their farms their churches everything.Sending millions more gentiles from across communist Russia to die as slave labor in there Gulag.What your seeing here is revenge. Jews slaughtered up to 60 million Gentiles under Jew bolshevik communism.Utube the holodomor .
      Yancy, there were plenty of Jews killed by the communists as well. Stalin was a rabid Jew hater.

Although You Tube has done a great deal to further education, Unfortunately, it has also connected a lot of hate filled individuals with a wider audience.

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2 Responses to Submoronic Comments On You Tube Holocaust Videos

  1. Phil Schifley on December 10, 2015 at 9:59 am

    Thank you for this post. It always depresses me to see the disrespect and flippancy that some people show towards the Holocaust and the pogroms of WWII. As someone who probably disagrees with you on most everything else (I’m pro-choice, pro-Palestine, and think that the right side of the spectrum equates to an ugly brand of fascism) I m fully in the camp of making people aware of the horrors inflicted by everyday citizens against a group of people because of their race, religion or any other defining characteristic. When you have between 1.4 and 1.6 million Jews murdered in Ukraine (and documented so well in places like Lvov) you need to remind people that this was a terror that should never be repeated, and that those that scoff at it should be rebuked. Thank you for your work.

    • Selma Braun on December 11, 2015 at 12:13 pm

      You sound like a searching, open minded person with whom I most likely disagree extensively. I wonder if we can agree that the process of conflict resolution is at least as important as the solution itself.

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