Justice Denied To Twin Boys By Vienna, Austria Family Court

July 8, 2013




Back in March of this year, Globe Tribune.Info reported on the difficulties of the Schlesinger twins in Vienna. Prior to July 25, 2011, they were being raised by their mother, Beth Schlesinger, whose ex husband Michael, was seeking custody. The father of the twins, Michael Schlesinger, has been granted full custody of his sons by Judge Susanne Gottlicher, who relied upon a now discredited report which declared the twin’s mother, Beth Schlesinger to be an unfit mother. Other studies have refuted these findings.

Ms. Schlesinger has been limited to weekly visitations every Tuesday, as well as every other Sunday. She must pay a hefty fee of 44 Euro for each visit with her children.

Her ex husband leaves the children in the care of two Filipino domestic workers, neither of whom speak German and only one of whom speaks limited English. The children have experienced significant delays in their developmental milestones. One child needed four front teeth surgically removed due to decay that is consistent with leaving a child in a crib with a bottle of milk or fruit juice. Since the children’s father is a doctor, he should have known that all new mothers are told in clinics never to do this. Unfortunately, Dr. Schlesinger’s medical expertise is of no benefit to the Schlesinger twins.

It would have been far more efficient for the Schlesinger twins to live with a shared custody arrangement, rather than having two full time maids whose tenure has accompanied a precipitous decline in the condition of their young charges.

It is clear that Dr. Schlesinger has used a scorched earth strategy with his ex wife. Judge Gottlicher has, in turn dug in her heels and refused to admit any new evidence that would require her to reevaluate the situation upon which she has passed judgment. Such inflexibility has killed many marriages. Unfortunately, such attitudes are toxic to justice as well, especially in family court, with the lives of young children hanging in the balance.

So far, Beth Schlesinger has not won a change of venue in the Schlesinger case, despite the well documented irregularities in the case. Is Beth Schlesinger seen as an outsider? Are the Austrian courts protecting a fellow Austrian against an outsider?

It would be wise for people thinking of doing business in Austria to take a good look at how Austrian courts treat outsiders, if the abuse of children can be so easily tolerated in that country. Austria is a small quiet country. For me, the Schlesinger case is the top news item coming out of this small country. As long as Beth Schlesinger is being so badly mistreated in the family courts of Vienna, I have no desire to support Austria, either with tourism, trade or business. I would further advise anyone thinking of marrying an Austrian to avoid any living arrangements that would give Austrian courts any jurisdiction whatsoever.

There is plenty of responsibility to go around. Jewish communities around the world should consider this a case of pidyon Shevuyim. (ransoming a captive) British authorities should protest an attack on one of their own citizens.  My last admonition would be to Dr. Michael Schlesinger.

Dear Dr. Schlesinger,

“Dr. Schlesinger, your marriage has, unfortunately broken up. You remain eternally tied to your ex wife through your two sons. No matter what, many aspects of your ex wife’s personality, spirit and physical characteristics will take on a life of their own within your sons. Every harsh word about your ex wife, or to your ex wife, is a word spoken against a part of your children’s essence. If it is necessary to disagree with her, you should tread with the utmost gentleness, because you are treading upon sacred ground.

It is out of respect to the sensitivities of your children, Dr. Schlesinger, that I choose my words with extreme care. Because one day, your children may well read my words, as they piece together the fragments of an interrupted childhood. You too are a part of their essence, biologically and spiritually. I do not want to jar your children’s psyches with harsh words against you.

There is one last kindness you can do for your children, and that is to repair your relationship with their mother, to live apart yet to act in harmony for your children’s sake. The gentlest and most amicable divorces leave deep scars. My own mother shed tears over the separation of her parents back in the 1920’s decades later.

It is possible to repair the damage that has already been done to your children due to the breakup of your marriage. But this healing can not begin unless you start it. You are young, Dr. Schesinger. When the years pass and your children go up, you will look back on the impact you had on the lives of your children. What will you tell yourself? What will you tell your children? You have a major opportunity to impact positively upon them. Please do not pass up this chance.

Your hard drive can be written on and erased. The lives of your children can not be erased and rerecorded. Please, weigh your actions carefully. Your children are depending upon you.

Vienna review article

Barnet Today article

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