List of Countries That Ban Kosher Slaughter and Public Figures Who Boycott Israel

June 11, 2013

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Enemies of Israel have been very active in promoting anti Israel boycotts. Israel is judged by standards that no other nation is judged, when there is a concerted effort to wipe Israel  off the map. Following is a list of countries that ban kosher slaughter, as well as entertainers who support boycotts of Israel. Do what you please with the list. What I recommend is boycotting entertainers who boycott Israel. If you must buy their CDs or DVDs, just buy them second hand, rather than ratchet up their royalty checks.

Nations that ban kosher slaughter are showing a hatred of Jews. Let’s face it. To eat meat you have to kill an animal. If you are being intellectually honest, the question to ask is not “Is kosher slaughter humane?” but “What is the most humane method of slaughter?” This page will simply contain names of countries and public figures who have used their prestige to hurt Israel. The list will be updated periodically. Hopefully, we will be able to remove countries and individuals from the list. hey. If they boycott, so can we.

List of countries that ban kosher slaughter

Iceland Norway Sweden Switzerland Poland

Public figures who boycott Israel

Devendra Banhart,Noam Chomsky,Elvis Costello,Brian Eno,Woody Harrelson,Gil Scott-Heron,Stephen Hawking,The Klaxons and Gorillaz Sound System,The Pixies,Meg Ryan,Snoop Dogg,Carlos Santana,Emma Thompson, Roger Waters,(Pink Floyd,Alice Walker.

This list will be updated.

In addition to the above lists, it is a good idea to

US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel


This page is just a start. We will add names as time goes on. Our principles are simple.

1)Know your enemy.

2) Do not support enemies of Israel.


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