Fidelity: A Documentary Exploring Cuba Without Castro [Video]

January 17, 2013



Fidelity is a documentrary about Cuba emerging from over 40 years in the shadow of Fidel Castro. The documentary starts off with documentary footage of El Commandante set to the strains of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy For the Devil”. Subtitled interviews with ordinary Cubans takes place against a  backdrop of ancient cars and crumbling, pockmarked buildings. The juxtaposition makes us realise the extent to which a propaganda machine produces a historical narrative and world view that is accepted by “the masses”.  This is true in Cuba, and in the US, which also manages the flow of information that is readily available to common people. As David Duchovny says on X files “The truth is out there.” It may be hidden and shunted to the margins, but it is out there,

What will happen to Cuba when Castro dies. This documentary was made in 2006. So far, Fidel managed to keep the business of government in the family in the culpable hands of his brother Raul.  Will communism implode in Cuba like it did in Russia and Yugoslavia? Or will it morph into authoritarian capitalism with a communist label as it did in China?

To a large extent, the business of running Cuba is like a three card monty game, in which castro has you watching his left hand while the right hand switches the cards after you have made your pick.

This documentary presents Cuba in the words of its own citizens. One should keep in mind that speaking inconvenient truths in front of rolling cameras in Cuba has its perils. Despite this, it is possible to read between the lines and find the words unspoken that lie within what has been said.


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