Obama Blames Video For Unrest In UN Speech [Video]

September 25, 2012


President Obama gave a speech to the UN General Assembly blaming an amateurish anti Muslim video for sparking a wave of unrest that included the murder of the US ambassador to Libya. This is despite the fact that the embassy attacks in Cairo and Benghazi were known to have been planned in advance. By perpetuating the myth of the You Tube video, Obama is fomenting further unrest, most likely with the purpose of distracting attention from the failures of US embassy security and of the American government to act upon credible intelligence reports.

Yet again, Obama has resumed his apology tour, in which he bows to America’s enemies and confesses to every sin that was never committed. He continues to allude to an Arab Spring that has turned into a harsh Arab winter. Either Obama is blinded by ideology, or he likes what he sees. We, the American people have a right to correct this, and to correct the perilous path through which our president has chosen to lead us. Four years after Obama’s campaign for hope and change in 2008,  millions of Americans look back on that campaign and hope that Obama will celebrate hope and change in 2013 as a private citizen.


CNS News article

Here is Obama’s speech.

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