Holodomor, Genocide of Ukrainians By Famine [Video]

April 30, 2012


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It was with a troubled mix of emotions that I viewed the comments on this video, which deals with the forced famine in Ukraine in 1932 and 1933. Among the comments was a virulent hatred of Jews, and the expressed belief that they were responsible for communism and for the man made famine that killed millions of Ukrainians. This is all despite the fact that Jews were victims of communism as much as other national groups in the USSR. The video provides a backdrop of the centralist, pro Russian attitude of Stalin that led him to manifest a genocidally murderous fear of a developing Ukrainian autonomy that was evolving under Soviet rule.

The forced famine involved not only forcing Ukrainian farmers into collective farms, but stripping them of any grain or other foodstuffs with which to feed themselves. At the nadir of the Holodomor (man made famine) the communist authorities even stripped bare the private cupboards in the kitchens of farmers.

Aside from the communists, there were enablers in the west, such as Walter Duranty, who led and said that there was no famine in the Ukraine.  Malcolm Muggeridge, by contrast came out as a hero, breaking the conspiracy of deceit that shrouded the famine in a fog of lies.

Globe Tribune.Info is pleased to present this well made documentary. The comments of bigots on the You Tube posting of this documentary underscore the urgency of  preserving honest historical memory for future generations.

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