Planned Parenthood Wages War on Catholic Food Pantry

February 18, 2012
Paul's Pantry

Planned Parenthood shows their real attitude towards choice on their Facebook page

Paul’s Pantry in Wisconsin  is part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and one of the largest food pantries in Wisconsin. It is run in strict accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, under whose auspices it operates.  Life Site News reports that they received an offer of a donation from an unlikely source, from Planned Parenthood, an organisation with which they are at complete odds. Accepting a donation from Planned Parenthood and making a receipt out to that organisation understandably went against the policies of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and a worker at Paul’s Pantry politely refused the donation. Softening the rejection was the offer to accept an anonymous drop off of food that would not be tied to any organisation.

Planned Parenthood, which is pro choice on the issue of abortion, is not pro choice when it comes to Paul’s Pantry refusing their donations. Life Site News reports as follows what happened about 20 minutes after the rejection of Planed Parenthood’s donation.

“Within 20 minutes I was getting phone calls and emails calling us [names]. The calls that day came from the Milwaukee area, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered. We have caller ID.”

[He] said he did tell one of the callers they could simply drop off their donation, “which happens about 100 times a day – in that case we don’t know where the food comes from. But if an organization wants a receipt, Paul’s Pantry has a gift acceptance policy. “If the donation is going to hurt us, we don’t accept it.”

If Planed Parenthood really wanted to help the poor, they would have gone along with the anonymous donation requirement. Unfortunately, they simply wanted to make political mileage out of being refused by a Catholic organisation. For Planed Parenthood, it seems that choice is a one way street.


Life Site News article

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