South Carolina Walmart Remains Open After Murder On Premises [Video]

December 14, 2011

Avery Blandin

A South Carolina man with a history of spousal abuse stabbed his wife to death Saturday afternoon, the London Daily Mail has reported. In a surreal twist to the story, Walmart management roped off the area of the murder and continued business as usual while police conducted their investigation.  Avery Blandin, 46 was able to escape the bloody scene at which he stabbed his wife Lilia Blandin, 38 in an attack that also involved stomping on her chest. Avery Blandin was apprehended a short distance away where he had crashed his car in the course of fleeing. He is expected to be arraigned after he is released from the hospital.

The murder did not surprise neighbours of the Blandins, who told reporters of many instances in which they had heard loud arguments between the couple, and in which police had been involved.

The attack and its bloody aftermath raise the question of what could have been done to prevent the many instances of domestic violence from culminating in murder. Had Mr. Blandin been arrested before, or ordered to get treatment for his violent temper? What coud have been done differently.

Additionally, although there is no law that Walmart violated in the manner in which they handled the attack, remaining open during a murderand its immediate aftermath seems to symbolise the relentless pursuit of the almighty but shrinking dollar. Walmart does not sound like a fun or a caring place to work.

Daily Mail article



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