Justice For Valerie Carlton

December 10, 2011



There are very few crimes as heinous as the sexual abuse of a child. Decent people recoil in disgust at such offenses against the innocent and helpless.

Unfortunately, vindictive people in the middle of divorces have discovered that accusing a hated ex spouse of child abuse can, if successful ruin the ex’s life forever, cost them thousands of dollars to clear their name, and cut them off from the children they share from a marriage gone bad.

Valerie Carlton was accused of child sexual abuse by her ex husband Russell Carlton, who had enough conections to see to it that his ex wive Valerie had her name splashed all over the news media as a child molester. She was thrown into a private prison where she was brutally mistreated. While she was in prison, a child she had after leaving Russell Carlton died while in foster care. The prosecutor arranged for a prison guard to preempt the duties of a prison chaplain and brutally spit the news in Valerie’s face that her child was dead. She was then strapped into restraints, choking on her mucous. Her reaction to the heartlessly delivered traumatic news was written up to make her look deranged.

What was Valerie’s crime? Her relationship with her evangelical Christian ex went passably well until she started practicing orthodox Judaism, lighting Sabbath candles and keeping dietary laws. At that point, Russell Carlton “discovered” sexual abuse.

One would think that child welfare authorities would be on high alert against vindictive exes. Usually this is the case, but in the case of Valerie Carlton, things went horribly wrong. Even at this late date, her dteractors have posted an anonymous Facebook page slandering her. Fortunately, the site has numerous comments defending Valerie.

The case highlights not only failures of the criminal justice system but also the evils of privately run prisons, in which no federal employees are present to see that the human rights of prisoners are respected. Harford County Detention Center has made its way into the news several times in the past few years with deaths that have no satisfactory explanation. The reports of mistreatment that Valerie Carlton endured there are part of a pattern of abuse. It is not uncommon for prison guards to use other prisoners to torment prisoners that are on their “enemies list”. It is clear that this happened to Valerie Carlton.

On her last day in Harford County Detention center, Valerie Carlton was accused of assaulting a prison guard. She was a few hours from being released without charges. Videotapes from within the prison show a brutal assault taking place….Of Ms. Carlton by a strapping six foot prison guard. Upon her release from Harford, Ms Carlton, fearing for her life fled to New York State. She was arrested inNew York State on a warrant calling for her to face charges related to the “assault”. She is in jail in Rockland County, with her case on Governor Cuomo’s desk. This is a woman who was arrested on trumped up charges which were dropped, who was abused in prison on videotape and whose child died in custody. People need to speak up so that the criminal justice and child protective agencies of our states will not be misdirected into serving personal vendettas.

Valerie Carlton has a widespread network of support, as well as websites that are devoted to securing justice for her in the criminal justice system. There are also petition sites. Following are sites that have information and means of showing support for Valerie Carlton.

Valerie Carlton Information site

Petition site


An attorney’s view

The Hostage Child: A book about sex abuse allegations in child custody cases


A legal overview

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