Mordechai Ben David Finished With Albums

October 9, 2011



Here is some news that should make us sad and ashamed. Mordechai ben David, who has produced a fusion between popular and traditional Jewish music has announced that he has made his last album. reports as follows about the reason for this sad step taken by one of the great figures in contemporary Jewish music. COL Live, via Vos iz Neias, quotes the legendary MBD as follows.

VIN: Is this really your last album?
MBD: That is the current plan.

VIN: Does this announcement mean you are leaving the Jewish music scene entirely?
MBD: I am only retiring from albums.

VIN: What made you take this step?
MBD: Putting together an album is too much work. People don’t realize how much goes into an album. Unfortunately, electronic media has destroyed the CD business and even the biggest secular companies are going under because people just download music they find online. The way it is right now, it really doesn’t pay to do an album.




The technical landscape has changed for music. It is breathtakingly easy to plug into a file sharing network, borrow and copy a CD or record off a web site with readily available software. Every time we do this, royalties disappear from the accounts of musicians who struggle more than we know.

I buy mp3’s of Torah lectures on line. Some lecturers have a policy that you may share an mp3 only with people physicaly residing under your roof, not with kids who are married or at college. And those with whom you share can not allow others to “copy” their music or lecture.

That is fairly simple. I can order a Torah lecture for about $5.00 or even less when it is a part of a series. I can get songs for $.89 cents, $.99 cents or an album at a cost that is even less per song. I can leave out songs that I dislike and have a collection geared to my tastes. I can buy gift cards for my family and friends so they can buy music on their own. It would be nice if I could buy music in a record store to download as an mp3. I would hate to see walk in record stores crowded out of the picture.

Do the right thing. Buy the music of your favourite musician. They don’t live on solar energy. For the price of two cigarettes, you can have or give the gift of music.

Yes you can download or copy. But look at the consequences. Do the right thing. Shop on line, or in a store and keep the music industry alive. It’s up to us.


You can get Mordechai ben David’s music on Amazon. It is as close to you as your keyboard and mouse. Ifyou can’t find his music there , Mostly Music is a legitimate site that will support MBD and any other artist you support on their site. Globe gets a commission from any purchases made on Amazon through this link.

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